80+ Farmhouse Inspired Valentines Decor

Farmhouse Inspired Valentines Decor – Lately I’ve been really into decorating for the changing holidays. Admittedly, I used to keep Christmas decorations up well into January, skip over Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day completely, and not really add anything in the way of Easter and spring decorations, or any other holiday, for that matter, until Christmas came around again.

Having young kids has inspired me to change up our seasonal decor more often aligned with the holidays, even those Hallmark inspired ones like Valentine’s Day. My oldest loves seeing the different decorations go up, and that makes it worth it!

Of course, my philosophy on how much decorations should cost hasn’t changed; I can’t spend much money on seasonal decorations, or any decorations really, in our home. This farmhouse-inspired neutral Valentine’s garland only cost the amount for two skeins of yarn and was super easy to make!


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