80+ Spectacular Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

When it comes to clean, uncluttered kitchen design, nobody does it better than the Scandinavians. With their sleek, streamlined surfaces, clever storage for hiding clutter, and light, muted colour palette, Scandi style kitchens appear brighter, lighter and super stylish.

Spectacular Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas (6)

Spectacular Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas (6)

Inspired by the cool colours of the landscape, pale kitchens are a natural choice in Nordic countries. They look sophisticated, but do require textural interest. Keep the palette to a specific range of whites and cool greys, adding some metallics for extra warmth and to make your kitchen feel brighter and more spacious, without compromising on the minimal feel.

In terms of texture, not all of your surfaces have to be made from the same material. If there’s a finish you particularly love, but practicality is an issue, consider using it as a highlight in an area with less heavy traffic. If designed and fitted cleverly, this can add visual interest and texture to your kitchen. Plywood is the material of the moment for kitchen cabinets. Its humble beauty is reminiscent of Thirties Scandinavian modernism. Expanses of white marble also create an elegant, luxurious feel without compromising on simplicity.

Storage is also a key element of Scandinavian kitchen design. If you have the luxury of a separate room next to the kitchen, think about converting it into a pantry – these traditional features are back in vogue. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets also help to create a sleek, uncluttered look, and nothing says ‘clean and contemporary’ like handle-free cabinetry. For more inspiration, browse these stylish Scandi style kitchen designs.


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