A modern Scandinavian kitchen renovation

When it came to deciding on the style for the kitchen, it was an easy choice for fulie. The rest of her home is quite modern, so she wanted something that would blend in nicely.

“I’ve always been drawn to modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian style with a slightly glamorous edge,” says homeowner Julie.

“I spent a long time poring over magazines, blogs and Pinterest to refine exactly what look I was after.”

“For us, the most important thing to include in the kitchen was a large bench – somewhere the kids could do their homework, where we could eat family breakfasts, and have space for informal dinners

A modern Scandinavian kitchen renovation (1)

A modern Scandinavian kitchen renovation (1)

Modern-style kitchens often incorporate reflective surfaces such as glass, metal or gloss, which are great for bouncing light around the room. Seamless joinery and cabinets with minimalist-style handles (or none at all) can also be part of the overall look. Glass, stainless steel or simple subway tiles are popular splashback choices.

Black, white, greys, timbers and veneers all look fabulous in this style of kitchen – a monochromatic blend that complements and highlights the pared-back aesthetic and clean lines. The overall feel is luxe (not necessarily expensive) with an equal mix of design and practicality.


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