DIY Fire Pit this Weekend With One of These 30 Fire Pit Ideas

Does the need to sit around a fire outside go back to our days as cave-dwellers? Probably, but we have way better stuff to roast over the fire now, and beer to drink with it. Just like our pre-historic ancestors (except with access to hardware stores, and power tools, and computers), you can make your own DIY backyard fire ring with these tutorials on how to build a DIY fire pit.

DIY Fire Pit this Weekend With One of These 30 Fire Pit Ideas (1)

DIY Fire Pit this Weekend With One of These 30 Fire Pit Ideas (1)

If you’ve ever tried to make s’mores in the microwave, I don’t have to tell you that sometimes there’s no substitute for real fire. For safety reasons, a lot of areas require that fires be contained in structures (check your local laws), so if you want regular access to fresh s’mores, you might need a backyard fire pit. You can buy a pre-made one, or you can use these many tutorials for how to build a fire pit, and save yourself some serious cash.

Long after the days of its absolute necessity, man continues to find new and ingenious ways of savoring this precious element, and the memories made alongside its glow.

And outdoor fire pit is a much-deserved home addition, with the patio rendering itself the perfect destination in which to place your very own.

For those whose homes came unequipped with an indoor fireplace, or simply wish to create the ideal outdoor setting, a fire pit is both pleasing to the eye and senses, as well as easy to maintain. No matter the size of your patio, you too can illuminate your space and cast some of that welcoming warmth we all seek from the rigors of the outside world.

With a number of stone and metal designs to choose from, as well as additional seating arrangements and culinary & cocktail considerations, you can breathe a sigh of relief before settling down before your very own patio fire pit, outfitted just for you. With one of these top 30 best patio fire pit ideas, guests won’t want to depart until the last spark goes out, just as you will surely benefit from a meditative moment after a long day’s work.

We may be past the age of our ancestors, when fire was vital to life and survival, but the fire pit has proven that man’s need for this raw elemental comfort will never got extinct.


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