How to Decorate Walls in Scandinavian Style

Seek for gorgeous living room wall decor ideas for your Scandinavian interior? It seems that a few items may be proper for the room design, which is characterized by minimalism, utility and elegance. But, in fact, many wall decorations may look organic in such an interior.

How to Decorate Walls in Scandinavian Style (1)

How to Decorate Walls in Scandinavian Style (1)

So, let me show you how to decorate your home in Scandinavian style and provide you with some cool wall decorating ideas for living room.

Before you start redecorating your home and think what wall decoration ideas for living room are the best for you, you need to know the basic principles of any Scandinavian home, which may influence not only the room interior but also wall art.

#1 Natural Materials

As Scandinavian home designs are based on the use of natural materials, you need to take it into consideration while choosing ideas to decorate living room walls. For instance, give preference to wooden frames for art or use wall sculptures, made of natural materials.

#2 Functionalism

In fact, not only furniture can be functional but also wall art. It doesn’t mean that you need to decorate the walls with multi-purpose pieces only, but consider about some wall shelving, sconces, clocks and other items, which won’t just decorate the room, but will also do some other jobs.

#3 Color Scheme

Scandinavian interiors are known for neutral coloring, but they also have some pops of color. That’s why, you are free to choose decorating ideas for living room walls, which don’t blend with the rest of interior, but create a focal point in it.

#4 Simplicity

It’s not recommended to choose too extraordinary wall decorations of complicated forms. The art must be simple and beautiful. Clearly, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy something not interesting, but don’t overdo with creativity.

#5 Light

The Scandinavians think that there must be much natural light in the dwelling. In order to allow more daylight enter the room, they use reflective surfaces. For instance, living room wall decorating ideas may include mirrors. They reflect light and are also multi-functional.

#6 Coziness and Warmth

The cozy and warm atmosphere in the dwelling can be created with the help of candles, which, at the same time, can be used for wall decor. You can simply place them on wall shelves or buy candleholders, which can be attached to the wall.

# 7 Nature Surroundings

The plants are often used in Scandinavian homes. And, just like candles, they can decorate the walls. For instance, you can create a vertical garden or even simpler, place a couple of hanging pots with flowers on the wall.


Finally, as nature is so important for this type of home decor, add some plants. Of course, it’s not necessary to use them as a part of wall decor, but this idea is cute. Place a couple of pots on the wall shelf, add a hanging flower pot or create a vertical garden wall instead of wall art.

To sum up, while seeking for living room wall decor ideas for a Scandinavian home, you must follow the general rules of this style, however, some small deviations are possible. The most important is that the item you buy is well-combined with the room furniture and other adornments.


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